The Fainting Goat

Some goats are known to faint. Paxton faints, but he has also been diagnosed with Dysautonomia. This means that the “auto” parts of his body do not work so automatically. Paxton cannot do everything he wants to do. But with support, he can learn to put the most important things first.

Paxton’s story is available as a fully illustrated children’s book.  You can find it on Amazon.  Other preferred booksellers may carry it as well.    

Need for Dysautonomia Awareness

Dysautonomia is often an invisible illness.  It takes the average person 6 years before they are diagnosed.  Once a patient is diagnosed, information is scarce.  As the author and illustrator, this story is important to me because I had Dysautonomia since childhood.  The most obvious symptoms were my fainting spells.  However, I was not diagnosed until the age of 28.  Even then, it took years of research on my own part to understand what was  happening.  Paxton’s story offers some light medical information, but focuses more on his social story with a focus on understanding and self-care.  This message is important for anyone of any age who has or knows someone with Dysautonomia.

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Dysautonomia information and free resources are available. Paxton’s story can also be used to help children challenge assumptions, and develop empathy and understanding.  Free children’s activities are available to be used with Paxton’s story.

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