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One of the unique aspects of children’s literature is the merging of images and text. While some presume that the images help the reader decipher the text, much more may be happening. Images provide the opportunity to add to the text without being a straightforward directive. In some instances of “postmodern text,” stories contain images that may actually contradict what is written in the text. These are not oversights, but rather opportunities of artistic and poetic statements. Like true investigators, readers should be tempted to explore every piece of the book and look outside of the regular boundaries for meaning.

When I developed Dust Bunnies into an interactive app, this was the premise that I had in mind. Through the book, there are many pages in which the text says that the dust bunnies are gone. However, they are never really gone. Each page has at least one hidden dust bunny. If the reader clicks the bunny, dust balls will fall on the page. This may not be evident the first time the story is read, and that was my hope. My hope is that readers will not simply take the story at face value. Rather, they will go back again and again to look for new clues and meaning.

Dust Bunnies is currently available for iPads at the app store.

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