Penguin Facts

There are 17 types of penguins, and they don’t all live in cold weather.

The Emperor Penguin is the tallest type of penguin. They can grow to nearly 4 feet.


The African penguin is called a “donkey penguin” or a “jackass penguin” because it makes a braying noise.

Penguins do not fly. Instead of regular bird wings, they have flippers that propel them through the water.

The Chinstrap penguin looks like it has a strap below the face. They are the most aggressive type of penguin.

Penguins and bears will never meet. Penguins only live in the South. Polar bears live in the North.

Little Blue Penguins, also called Fairy Penguins, are the smallest types of penguin. They grow a little over 1 foot tall. They live in Australia and New Zealand. 

Penguins eat fish, particularly krill. Krill looks like shrimp.

Penguins can drink sea water even though it is salty. They filter the salt out through their beaks, sometimes by sneezing.

Male Adelie penguins build nests with pebbles. They are very protective over their pebbles. Still, the male Adelie penguin may give a pebble to the female penguin that he falls in love with.

A group of penguins is called a colony.

Rockhopper penguins are known to do less waddling than other penguins. Instead, they jump over rocks. They have bright yellow feathers that stick out from their heads. They also have red eyes and pink feet.

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