Dust Bunnies

Twas cold outside so I played indoors

with stuffed animals and dinosaurs.


Curiously, we crept under the bed

and were mesmerized by the sight ahead.

A gathering of bunnies on the dusty floor

had floppy ears and fluffy tails galore.


They were timid hares as we spied

and backed beyond the bed to hide.

So in a spot where the floor was just bare,

I gathered dust to form a carrot there.

With this, the bunnies were amused.

Some poked out while others perused.


Then more bunnies than I’d seen before

rose from the dust upon the spotted floor.


The bouncy dust bunnies were on a spree.

They sprinkled their magic dust on me.

They dusted my dino, tiger and bear.

Then wherever we went, their trails were there.


I thought they were fun, but I guess it depends.

I thought that Mom would like my new friends.


But when Mom walked in, she only frowned

at all the dust we sprinkled around.


She gave me a bath and my animals got a scrub,

and all that magic bunny dust fell off in the tub.

But one little bath could not keep them away,

as we all met again the very next day.


Again we danced and sang and played

until my mother’s timely raid.


She drug me down that old, familiar path

and plopped my bottom in the bubbly bath.


After a while, it was a daily routine.

The bunnies got me dirty, and Mom got me clean.


But then the winter turned into spring,

and Mom pulled out this cleaning thing.

“Va-room va-room,” went the big sucking machine,

as Mom propelled it around claiming to clean.


Then I knew why those bunnies kept hidden

by beds and cracks and places forbidden.

Behind the path of that noisy upright,

I saw the bunny trails fade out of sight.


Then with the worst fear inside my head,

I begged Mom, “Don’t go under the bed!”


But, oh, what a ravishing doom!

Mom vacuumed the entire room!


Fast as I could, I checked under the bed.

Yet I did not see one dust bunny head.


With high hopes, I checked back everyday

thinking that maybe just one got away.


I just couldn’t believe they were really gone,

sucked into a hose not quite three feet long.

After a while, my hope wore thin

till I felt a tickle on my skin.


I quickly glanced over and there it was,

a magic piece of dust bunny fuzz!


Then I knew the bunnies were near,

so I looked up to the chandelier.

And there, those impish hares were back.

They did survive my mom’s attack.


Now I worry not and have no fear

when I do not see the bunnies near.


Where dust bunnies hide, they’ll never tell.

But I see their trails and know they are well.

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