Gone Fishing

Early in the morning, Donkey and Penguin set out to go fishing. Donkey peered into the edge of the water and pointed to a gray and average-looking fish. “That’s the fish I want,” she brayed. “Beegy beegy plain fish,” said Penguin. Penguin was very picky about fish, and he thought that he could catch a much fancier one. He scooted his round little body closer to the edge and squinted his eyes to select a proper fish fit for a penguin.

“There it is,” he squeaked with excitement as he dove into the water.   Like a torpedo, he shot toward the big green fish that he wanted. As he got close to the green fish, he saw a fish with a long, fancy tail. “No, I want that one” he squealed.

He pointed a flipper, changed direction and followed the fish with the fancy tail. As he neared the fancy fish, a bigger sparkle caught his attention. He saw a fish that was even shinier than the first fish and fancier than the second fish. He pointed his flipper anew, changed direction and plunged toward the next fish.

Meanwhile, donkey sat by the edge of the water and watched the one gray fish swim back and forth, back and forth. She put her fishing net in the water and just waited.

She could see Penguin in the water, swimming this way and that. She wasn’t sure why he was swimming so much, but it looked exhausting.

Penguin changed his mind over and over again. He chased a green fish, a fancy fish, a sparkly fish, a one-eyed fish and finally a fish with polka dots. Penguin swam impatiently and changed direction every time he saw a new fish.

Exhausted, he finally climbed out of the water with not a single fish in his flippers. He was surprised to see Donkey waiting for him, content with the gray fish that she had caught. Penguin tilted his head and questioned, “How did YOU catch a fish before ME?” Donkey answered that she stayed focused on the one gray fish. Every time she stuck her net in the water, the fish got closer and closer until it swam into her net.

“Let me see that fish” squeaked Penguin. Donkey proudly showed Penguin the fish, but he was not impressed. “I could have caught a better one,” he said. “Bray. I like this one,” said Donkey. They watched the sunset, and waddle-trotted home together. Penguin ate the gray fish. Then he squeaked “It was a good day for fishing.” “Yes, it was,” brayed Donkey.

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