Donkey Dances

Donkey and Penguin found a crooked path that led to a forest. Deep in the forest, they met a band of birds that sang cheerful songs. Donkey’s hooves would kick in the air. She wasn’t a graceful dancer. In fact, she was quite clunky. But she could not still her hooves when the birds sang. So she danced.

Penguin waddled and smoothly scooted across the ground.  The forest critters cheered for Penguin because he was such a good dancer.  Meanwhile, Donkey stomped on her own hooves a few times. She pretended that it didn’t hurt.  She twirled around and barely kept her balance.  The small forest critters tried to stay out of her way and let her dance.

But then… One wrong kick led to a thud and a clatter, and leaves fell down everywhere. The forest critters lost their patience.

“You clumsy donkey,” shouted the squirrels, “You kicked our tree.”

“You trampled the bushes,” cried the bunnies.

“Go away,” shouted the raccoons.

“Donkey, you’ve got to be more careful,” squeaked Penguin.

The forest animals did not want Donkey to dance with them anymore.   Even the tiny frogs rolled their tiny little eyes.

Donkey hung her big floppy ears and sadly trotted away, while the other animals continued to dance without her.

The next evening, the birds sang and the forest critters danced again.  Donkey sat just beyond the tall trees and tried to keep her hooves still. But the lively bird songs were too much. Her hooves started to move and scoot. Before she knew it, she had danced her way back into the forest.

The forest critters scattered, and Donkey was afraid that she scared them away. But then, she heard tremendous screeches from the squirrels.   “It’s the fox,” the squirrels cried.

“Is he a bad dancer too?” asked Donkey.

“No,” said the squirrels, “He’s here to eat us!” The squirrels scampered up the tree as the fox crouched and crawled closer.

“That’s horrible,” brayed Donkey.  In her moment of disbelief, she kicked her hoof to the ground with a thud.  The squirrels, now atop the tree, noticed that the fox stepped back when Donkey stomped.

“Do it again,” they shrieked.

“Are you sure?” Donkey slowly asked.

“Yes, kick,” squealed the bunnies hiding behind the bushes.

So donkey proudly stomped on the ground, while the fox took another step backwards.

The masked raccoons cheered with their little fists in the air. They yelled, “Stomp again.  Please kick!”

So Donkey stomped and kicked, and the fox cowered some more.

“Just dance,” yelled Penguin, as loud as a penguin could yell in his squeaky voice.

So Donkey danced, and the leaves shook and things fell down, and bushes were trampled and mushrooms knocked over.  The fox had never seen such a sight, and he ran far, far away.

“Yay,” chanted all of the forest critters. They were so happy to have the dancing donkey, even if she was a bit clumsy. They bestowed upon her a beautiful dancing dress. From then on, Donkey, Penguin and the forest critters danced every night. As it turns out, her imperfect dance was just perfect.

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