Donkeys & Penguins

This is my official donkey-penguin optical illusion.  It’s a penguin, but it’s a donkey!
DPWhy a Donkey and Penguin?

Many people comment that a donkey and a penguin seem odd together. Personally, these are my two favorite animals.  I put them together simply because I want them to be together in my world:)  I believe the best things come from the oddest combinations!

Of course donkeys and penguins are very different, and this is where the bond blossoms.  The humble and often neglected donkey has strengths and weaknesses far different than those of the penguin.  Penguins are a little less humble and much more popular with the crowds.


Humble, patient and curious together

The  donkey has a reputation for stubbornness. However if you ask anyone that has known a donkey as a friend, they will tell you that is not the case. Donkeys are very soulful, protective and loving. They are hardy workers, and they think before they act. If a donkey is told to do something unsafe, it will likely not do as told. The donkey uses his own judgement and does not succumb to pressure, a trait to be admired.

And penguins? For birds that can’t fly, they sure are popular! They get away with a lot because they are adorable and well-dressed. Behind their cuteness, they are also deeply devoted and social beings.  And who can resist that waddle?!

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DPRelated Donkey Penguin Terminology:

  • The African Penguin is called a “donkey penguin” or “jackass penguin” because it makes a loud braying sound.
  • The “Penguin Donkey” was a type of bookcase produced in the 1930s to hold books produced by the Penguin Publishing company.

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