About Me

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Denise Haunstetter

I’m Denise – I completed my Ph.D. at the University of South Florida in sunny Tampa Bay.  I love to illustrate and write short fiction, so I focused on children’s literature and interactive fiction. True interactive fiction should allow the the reader to have back and forth input within the story. My favorite scenarios are those in which the book meaning changes because readers are encouraged to look beyond previous assumptions.

Dust Bunnies is an example of interactive fiction.DustBunniesSmall

This is a story that I wrote and illustrated.  Dust Bunnies is available as an app for iPads!


Throughout the Dust Bunnies book, dust bunnies are hidden in the pages. Even when the reader thinks that they are gone, they’re not. Clicking a dust bunny will release extra dust balls onto the page. This changes the meaning of the book once the reader discovers that the bunnies were never really gone.

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