Donkey Facts

Donkey Family

A male donkey is called a Jack, and a female donkey is called a Jenny. A baby donkey is called a foal.

Donkeys have excellent memories. They can recognize places and other donkeys many years after last seeing them.

A donkey will not do something that it thinks is unsafe, even if a human is ordering it. Donkeys stop and think before acting.

Donkeys can travel over many different terrains like deserts, hills and rocky grounds. Historically, this has made them hardier than horses when travelling and working.

Donkeys do not have waterproof fur. They require shelter from the rain. They can become sick if repeatedly left in the rain.

Donkeys have large ears that help cool their bodies. These ears also help them hear other donkeys from many miles away.

Donkeys are naturally herd animals. They like to live with other donkeys or goats.

Donkeys have very good digestive systems that allow them to eat and survive off almost any vegetation.

A mule is a mix between a donkey and a horse.

Donkeys often watch over flocks of other animals. They make excellent guards, and they are especially good at scaring away coyotes.

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